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What are our goals?

What are our goals?Instructors in CCQ’s four classes meet regularly to share ideas about teaching in our prison quilting program. We also use email to communicate with each other. A recent email exchange focused on our goals for teaching.

One instructor zeroed in on the technical aspects of quilting:

  • How to find the grain of the fabric
  • The importance of pressing fabric
  • How to accurately cut fabric
  • How to sew a 1/4” seam
  • How to press seams
  • How to connect seams accurately
  • How to measure and sew borders
  • How to sandwich a quilt and baste it
  • How to do simple machine quilting
  • How to apply binding, matching the ends for a smooth finish
  • How to do blind hand stitching on the back side of bindings
  • And how to read and follow a pattern

Another instructor added some non-technical goals:

  • The importance of finishing: sometimes it is just a block, then a row, and then an entire quilt
  • The importance of learning from mistakes and persevering
  • The importance of respecting each other and the instructors
  • The importance of taking the time needed to do a good job
  • The opportunity for creative expression

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