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CCQ featured in Homespun

The Coffee Creek Quilters prison quilting program was featured this month in the Australian crafting magazine Homespun. “Crafting with Conviction” shows how teaching handcrafts in jails and prisons can have a therapeutic effect.

In addition to our program, two others were also featured in the article.

Fine Cell Work operates in 31 prisons across England and Wales. They train men and women to do high quality, paid, creative needlework. Participants learn the skills in a group setting, then continue their projects in their cells.

The Australian Soft Toy Program and Sit and Knit are for community-based offenders who aren’t incarcerated. Volunteers teach participants to make toys, quilts, scarves, hats, jumpers, and blankets in a group setting. They learn new skills while improving social connections.

We invite you to read this excellent article.

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CCQ student quilts entered in Quilt Index

Oregon Quilt ProjectCathie Gleeson, an instructor in our Tuesday morning prison quilting class, ventured out on the windiest day of the year to have two CCQ student quilts documented at the Oregon Quilt Project’s DocDay in Lake Oswego. Quilt experts at the event identified the blocks, fabric, and batting; measured each block, sashing, border, and the quilt overall; noted quilting patterns and techniques; and photographed the quilts.

Information gathered at DocDay will be entered in the Quilt Index, a project of the Quilt Alliance. The database currently contains records on more than 80,000 quilts. Anyone can access this information 24/7 at no charge.

Quilt historian Mary Bywater Cross encouraged us to have two quilts documented. The quilts chosen are representative of the hundreds of quilts made by women incarcerated at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility for donation to organizations throughout Oregon. Mary explained that the quilts don’t have to be of great value, antiques, or to have traveled the Oregon Trail. They merely need to reflect quilting in Oregon. She believes our students’ quilts qualify as a unique example of the value of quilting. We do too.

Prison quilting

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