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CCQ featured on AM Northwest

The Coffee Creek Quilters program was featured on KATU’s AM Northwest morning show on July 15th. In the segment, host Helen Raptis interviewed CCQ instructor Dawn Yoshizumi and former student Angie Ptomey.

Dawn explained how our program works and what our goals are. In addition to teaching technical and artistic quilting skills, “…our program teaches students self-esteem, confidence, and an ability to believe in themselves,” Dawn said.

Angie talked about what she learned in the program, both in terms of learning a craft and life skills. “I was so blessed to be a part of the program when it started in 2002. I still quilt to this day. It’s one of those creative outlets I can use when I’m having a hard time,” Angie said.

We invite you to view the segment on KATU’s website.

Prison quilting

New book inspired by Coffee Creek Quilters

Hope on the InsideBest selling author Marie Bostwick has a new novel out called Hope on the Inside. It’s about Hope Carpenter, a woman who finds new purpose in a new phase of her life when she volunteers to teach crafts to women incarcerated at a local women’s prison.

Marie’s research for the book included a visit to our Tuesday morning class at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility and sharing lunch with the Tuesday morning class instructors.

In an acknowledgement, she dedicated the book to Coffee Creek Quilters, “who truly do bring hope to the inside and without whom this book likely would not have been written.” We invite you to read the full acknowledgement.

You can learn more about Marie Bostwick and her books on her website and Facebook page.

Prison quilting

What are our goals?

What are our goals?Instructors in CCQ’s four classes meet regularly to share ideas about teaching in our prison quilting program. We also use email to communicate with each other. A recent email exchange focused on our goals for teaching.

One instructor zeroed in on the technical aspects of quilting:

  • How to find the grain of the fabric
  • The importance of pressing fabric
  • How to accurately cut fabric
  • How to sew a 1/4” seam
  • How to press seams
  • How to connect seams accurately
  • How to measure and sew borders
  • How to sandwich a quilt and baste it
  • How to do simple machine quilting
  • How to apply binding, matching the ends for a smooth finish
  • How to do blind hand stitching on the back side of bindings
  • And how to read and follow a pattern

Another instructor added some non-technical goals:

  • The importance of finishing: sometimes it is just a block, then a row, and then an entire quilt
  • The importance of learning from mistakes and persevering
  • The importance of respecting each other and the instructors
  • The importance of taking the time needed to do a good job
  • The opportunity for creative expression
Prison quilting

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