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A stitch in time saves lives

Jennifer works on her second quiltThe Coffee Creek Quilters program was featured in the article “Coffee Creek Quilters: A stitch in time saves lives” in the December issue of Country Pleasures Magazine. In addition to describing our program, the article provides a peak inside the classroom, introducing the reader to Jennifer and Mary Ann, a student and an instructor, respectively, in the Thursday class.

Jennifer had to overcome problems with ADHD and hand tremors to learn how to cut fabric, read a pattern, and operate a sewing machine. The article reports that “as a CCQ participant, she has acquired new, useful skills. She has learned patience. She has proven to herself she can accomplish very difficult tasks despite having ADHD and hand tremors.”

Mary Ann has been a volunteer with CCQ for seven years. The Country Pleasures article quotes her as saying “As soon as I visited the program, I knew I would enjoy it. Every week I experience heartwarming moments that validate why we’re here. Several weeks ago a student brought in a picture of her son holding the third quilt she’d made. It was a New York Yankee quilt because her son loves the Yankees. She told him whenever he felt sad or sick to put the quilt around him and it’d be like having his mommy’s arms around him.”

We invite you to read the full article.


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A thank-you message from a student

thank you Each student who completes our program is eligible to receive a “release kit” which includes a used sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, miscellaneous sewing tools, along with fabric and instructions to make a quilt. We recently received a thank-you note from Michele L., who received a release kit when she left Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

Here’s an excerpt from Michele’s note:

I was released in June of 2011 and I went to live with my parents. I have just recently gotten my own place and the first thing I did was set up a room so I could begin quilting again. I would like Deb to know that the time I spent quilting with her at Coffee Creek was the only time I felt like myself when I was there. Upon my release, she gave me a bag filled with quilting supplies, fabric, instructions, a cutting mat, cutter, and various other sewing supplies. What a generous gift!! I so appreciate it and with those supplies, I was able to start quilting again. Thank you, Thank you!

I also want Deb to know that my granddaughter really liked the heart quilt I made her while at Coffee Creek. I still do not get to see her very often but it makes me feel good that I was able to take something beautiful from my time at Coffee Creek and give it to her.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to feel like a worthwhile human being.

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