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A poem from Christina

Christina, a student in our Thursday class, wrote this poem and shared it with us. We think it’s lovely, so we’re sharing it with you.


Our lives are like a quilt,
we’re constantly picking pieces up,
cutting things out,
mixing different patterns of our
lives to fit into place.
Even the most tattered & torn,
mixed & matched pieces you sew &
weave in can turn out to be
the most beautiful masterpiece.

Our students

Heartwarming stories from former students

Heartwarming storiesAt a recent Coffee Creek Quilters member meeting, several instructors reported heartwarming stories about students who have been released from CCCF. Normally we don’t have contact with former students after their release, but occasionally we receive emails or run into them in the community. Chris told us about a student who found a job at a Newberg hair salon within nine days of her release date. Julie ran into a former student who re-entered the workforce in her field as a physical therapist with a highly regarded Metro-area PT clinic. And Martha received a thank-you email for a CCQ release kit from a student who was so thrilled to receive a sewing machine that she set it up and started to use it as soon as she got home – didn’t even take her coat off.

Our students

A message from a student

A student's third quiltOccasionally we hear from former CCQ students after they’ve been released from Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Trish L. sent us an email expressing her gratitude for the quilting skills we taught her and for giving her a healthy outlet to cope. She attached this picture of her Mom cuddling with the quilt Trish made for her in the Thursday class. Trish is settling into her new life and has started working on another quilt from a kit we gave her.

Our students

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