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A peak inside CCQ’s Thursday class

Thursday classFor a peak inside CCQ’s Thursday class, we invite you to click on over to Missouri Star Quilt Company’s blog where they posted the top three winners of the latest Stitched Together essay contest. Second place went to an instructor in our Thursday class who wrote about her experiences with our prison quilting program.

MSQC had invited their customers to share stories about how quilting made their lives better, touched their heart, or used their quilting skills to make someone else’s life better. The stories will be included in the next edition of MSQC’s Stitched Together book.

Patty Namba named CCCF Volunteer of the Year

Patty NambaCoffee Creek Correctional Facility has named our own Patty Namba as CCCF Volunteer of the Year. Patty has been a CCQ instructor since 2012, currently teaching in our Wednesday evening class. She also serves on our Board of Directors, heads the PR committee, and co-chairs our Annual Sale and Fundraiser. A lot of us in CCQ are retired, but Patty works full time. We don’t know how, but she finds time to quilt too. Patty especially enjoys making scrap quilts and typically makes five or six of them for donation every year.

“Teaching quilting is my most rewarding activity,” Patty said. “Working with the women at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is the highlight of my week because I get to help them realize their self-improvement goals.”

CCCF recognized Patty with a letter, a certificate, and a trophy with her name engraved on it. She also gets the temporary use of a highly-valued close-in parking space for the rest of the year.

Congratulations, Patty!

Earn donations for CCQ with FM rewards

Fred Meyer Community RewardsCoffee Creek Quilters is registered to participate in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. The retailer donates money to nonprofits based on customers who link their rewards card to their favorite nonprofits.

When you link your rewards card to CCQ, it doesn’t affect your personal rewards points. Both accounts earn points, so it’s a win-win for you and for CCQ.

Fred Meyer requires that customers renew their commitment to a favored nonprofit every so often. You can verify if you’ve already signed up by checking the bottom of your receipts. If you’ve linked to CCQ, there will be a message that says “Thank you for participating in 2016-17 Fred Meyer Community Rewards. You requested Fred Meyer donate to Coffee Creek Quilters.”

Here are the steps for registering:

If you already have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card:
1. Visit
2. Click on the “Re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now” hot link.
3. Sign into your Fred Meyer member account.
4. Once you see the “Community Rewards Program” screen, type Coffee Creek Quilters or our organization number, 93429, in the box, then click on the “search” button.
5. When “Coffee Creek Quilters” shows up, click on the circle to link your card with our program, then click on the “Enroll” button.

If you need to get a Fred Meyer Rewards Card:
1. Visit
2. Click on the “Re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now” hot link.
3. Once you see the Sign-in screen, click on the “Create an account” hot link.
4. Complete the application process.
5. Activate your membership by clicking on the email sent by Fred Meyer.
6. Now, follow the steps for those who have a rewards card.