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Meet our volunteers: Peggy Gelbrich

PeggyPeggy Gelbrich, an instructor in our Tuesday morning class, was featured in an article titled “A passion for piecing: through volunteering and teaching, master quilter shares her skills with others” in the October 28, 2014 edition of the McMinnville News-Register. Peggy is an award-winning quilter who taught quilting classes in the community long before joining CCQ. She currently teaches at various Oregon quilt shops including Boersma’s in McMinnville and Sewn Loverly in Wilsonville.

Peggy is also a talented quilt designer. One of her designs, called “Irish Snail,” is an adaptation of traditional snail’s trail and Irish chain blocks. Another one, called “Jacob’s Snail,” combines the jacob’s ladder and snail’s trail blocks to make a quilt that appears to twirl. She offers patterns for some of her designs on her website.

Peggy’s business card reads “helping you learn is my passion,” and that sentiment carries through to her participation in CCQ. Peggy believes that learning to give to others is as important as learning to combine fabrics or sew a seam. In our classes, the first two quilts students make are donated to local organizations. They can keep the third quilt, but many of our students give the third quilt to a loved one.

We invite you to learn more about Peggy in the full McMinnville News-Register article. You might also want to visit her website.

Meet our members

CCQ instructors enter juried quilt shows

instructor quiltsCCQ instructors are a talented bunch with a wide variety of skills and interests. Two of our instructors are art quilters who have entered their work in juried quilt shows. This means that a panel of judges critiques the quilts for technical excellence as well as creativity. Prizes are awarded in different categories.

Deb Sorem entered her “Under the Autumn Canopy” quilt in the 2013 Pacific West Quilt Show in Tacoma, Washington. Sun, sky and leaf motifs are represented with intricate curved piecing and free motion quilting. Deb works to abstract an image or a theme; in this one, she started with a photo taken looking up through the fall leaves on a tree. The quilt measures 41″ x 30″.

Sherri Culver’s entry in the 2013 International Quilt Festival/Houston show is titled “Emmy Tovo” and won third place in the Art-People, Portraits, and Figures category. When making a portrait quilt, Sherri starts with a photograph which she manipulates in PhotoShop. Sherri’s technique involves hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric that she appliques with a narrow satin stitch. Sherri’s quilt measures 29″ x 21″. You might want to visit her website to see pictures of more of her amazing quilts.

Meet our members

Martha Messa named CCCF Volunteer of the Quarter

Martha Messa was named Volunteer of the Quarter by Coffee Creek Correctional FacilityCoffee Creek Correctional Facility has named our own Martha Messa as Volunteer of the Quarter. Martha has been a CCQ instructor since 2004. She’s also our Program Coordinator and, in that role, serves as liaison between prison staff and Coffee Creek Quilters. In addition, Martha addresses a wide variety of instructor and student needs: making sure the classes are full and adequately staffed; arranging for instructor training; and making sure we have the fabric, tools, and supplies we need. We’ve been only half joking when we’ve told Martha that she’s so important to our program that she has the Coordinator job for life. Here’s an excerpt of what CCCF Superintendent Heidi Steward said in her congratulatory letter:

“Congratulations on being selected Volunteer of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2013. You are being recognized for the outstanding contributions you have made to the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Since 2004, our facility has been greatly enriched by your volunteer efforts as a driving force in the implementation and on-going success of the Coffee Creek Quilting Program. As the Program Coordinator of Coffee Creek Quilters, you coordinate outside fundraising to ensure this program has all the supplies needed to continue being successful. In addition to the Quilting Program, you have also volunteered at our annual “Through a Child’s Eyes” summer event. Martha, we are very appreciative of everything you do to provide these wonderful services to the women of Coffee Creek. Thank you again for your energy, compassion, and dedication as a volunteer at our facility.”

CCCF recognized Martha with a letter, a certificate, and a trophy with her name engraved on it. To his credit, Martha’s husband said he always knew he had a trophy wife and now he has proof.

Meet our members