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Longarm quilters support prison quilting program

Longarm quilt detailEleven longarm quilters support the Coffee Creek Quilters program by quilting our students’ third quilts. Some of them are professionals while others are hobbyists.

The detail shown here is from a quilt that was quilted by Kathy Morrison. “One of my greatest joys is quilting for CCQ, making the quilts even more beautiful or whimsical or traditional. I enjoy choosing quilting designs that will enhance the quilt when a student doesn’t have any requests and try to accommodate the few requests I get,” she says. Kathy has been a professional for five years. Her website is

Gloria Richardson is an instructor in our Wednesday class in addition to providing longarm quilting. “What I get out of the program is a full heart from being able to give a gift to someone who is in need.  Hard to put this into words but it makes me cry to see how appreciative the inmates are to have someone do something nice for them.  Seems like I get more out of it than even they do,” Gloria says. You can see samples of her work on her website,

Wendy Viohl lives a fair distance away, so we’ve only been able to use her services once. “I loved quilting that one quilt, seeing how far the new quilter had come and trying to make her quilt very special for her,” Wendy says. “Just knowing that this was the one quilt she made for herself makes me so proud for her. These students have had an uphill battle just to make it to the class, so yes, I’m indeed very proud of her. The quilt was a cowgirl theme and I chose a pattern in keeping with that theme. I wish I could do more!” Wendy provides information about her professional longarm quilting services on a Facebook page for her business, Green Mountain Quilting.

Linda Burrell is primarily a hobbyist, but occasionally quilts for others. “What I get out of participating in this program is knowing this completed quilt will be very special to the person who pieced and completed the project,” she says.

Others who provide longarm quilting are Mary Craft, Nancy Geddis, Doreen Hickman, Pat Ogle, Lisa Potter, Gerri Thompson, and Sherri Wadley. We hope to highlight the others in a future post on our website.